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V CUT blades

V CUT Saw Blade, V CUT Blade, Tungsten Carbide V CUT, Diamond V CUT

V CUT blades including diamond V CUT saw blades and tungsten carbide V CUT, 


V CUT blades are used to cut printed circuit board apply to automatic V-CUT machine, belong to high quality blades. 


PCB Diamond saw blades has the long working life; generally using a couple of blades. Our company produce PCB diamond blades using high quality steel from Germany, brazing Polycrystalline diamond tips to guarantee the quality.


tungsten carbide V CUT is widely accepted by printed circuit board manufacturer. The Solid tungsten carbide V CUT  are became the common cutter of cutting V-Scoring on printed circuit board. 


V CUT blades can cut carton, FR2, FR4, fiber glass, TG, alumina, Iron, and copper etc. 


The size of our V-CUT: DIA39.5×DIA17×2.4, DIA51×DIA25×2.4, DIA56×DIA25×2.4, DIA51×DIA25×2.0, DIA50.8×DIA25×2.0, 50×DIA25×2.0, DIA51×DIA30×2.4, DIA61×DIA30×2.0, DIA66×DIA35×2.0, DIA100×DIA40×2.0,DIA120×DIA40×2.0, DIA120×DIA25.4×2.0With 4 fixing holes

Our angle of V-CUT: 20°25°30°35°40°45°50°55°60°

Our teeth of V-CUT: 20, 24, 32, 40, 48, 52, 100, 120