Tungsten Carbide Sleeve

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Tungsten Carbide Sleeve

Tungsten Carbide Sleeve, Cemented carbide sleeve, Tungsten Carbide Bushing, Cemented carbide bushing

Tungsten Carbide Sleeve (Bushing) have the excellent properties, such as wear resistance, scratch, abrasive resistant, anti-corrosion, high efficiency of heat conduction, low maintenance, good compression property, high strength, stable performance.


Tungsten Carbide Sleeve (Bushing) are mainly used for oil industry, high temperature furnace components, crucible, missile rocket nozzles etc. It is also used for pressing blanks for spinning thin-wall tubes and other special purposes.


In order to achieve the best possible performance, it’s very important to choose the suitable material grade for your application, our experienced engineers can assist you with your design and material selection ensuring the best usage for your particular need.


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