Tungsten carbide plates

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Tungsten carbide plates

Tungsten carbide plate, tungsten carbide sheet, tungsten carbide block

Tungsten carbide plates also called tungsten carbide sheets and tungsten carbide blocks, divided as sintered blank and grinding, which meet different products applications.


The tungsten carbide plate has high hardness, high strength, high wearing feature, high compressive strength, good stability, low impact toughness, low expand coefficient, and electric conduction. The heat conduction is similar to iron. It is an excellent material to choose for making high temperature resistance parts, corrosion parts, wear resistance parts and cutting metals, woods and other materials etc.


In order to achieve the best possible performance, it’s very important to choose the suitable carbide grade for your application, our experienced engineers can assist you with your design and material selection ensuring the best wear for your particular need, also customized products can be manufactured upon request.