Gas Lift Valve Seats

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Gas Lift Valve Seats


Tungsten carbide gas lift valve seats are the components of gas lift valve for oil well in the oil field. Using gas lift technique is the most economical way in the oil extraction currently. The gas life technique can’t restrict by the depth of the oil well; injecting the gas to the valve can abate the button’s weight of the oil tube, reduce the pressure, and guarantee the oil extraction continually. 


The technique property of the gas lift valve:

a) working temperature: 30℃-120℃

b) The pressure of inlet side of corrugated tube: 8.0-10.0MPa

c) The pressure of outlet side of corrugated tube: 45-50MPa


Generally speaking, in the progress of the assembling the gas lift vale, the qualified rates of the tungsten carbide valve seats are very low for sealing, then, there are a lot of valves seats need to discard and a lot of valves need to do poorly done work over again in the assembling progress; thus the delivery of the order have to delay, so that the customer complain the suppliers.


Better Carbide Valve Seat can improve the qualified rates of the sealing.