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PCB Diamond blades


PCB Diamond blades apply to automatic V-CUT machine, belong to high quality blades.  

PCB Diamond blades, or called automatic PCD V-CUT blades, has the long working life; generally using a couple of blades. Our company produce PCB diamond blades using high quality steel from Germany, brazing Polycrystalline diamond tips to guarantee the quality. 

Our Diamond V-CUT blades are suitable for automatic V-CUT machine in mainland and abroad, the blades can cut carton, FR2, FR4, fiber glass, TG, alumina, Iron, and copper etc. 

The property of normal Diamond blades:

Product: Diamond blades   

Size:φ120 xφ25.4 x 2.0 x 20T/30T x 20°/30°/45°

Hardness :10000(HV)

Steel:High quality steel from Germany   

The tips of the material: Polycrystalline diamond (PCD)

The usage: a couple of blades

Working: one time assembling, e.g. 1.6mm KB FR-4, the blades can cut 30 – 40 thousand meter normally, the best is 50 -60 thousand meter. 

The PCD V-CUT has super hardness and wear-resistance, cutting PCB with high quality, the life is 10 times than tungsten carbide V-CUT. 

Using Diamond blades can save the time of changing and re-sharping the blade every day, reducing the cost, enhancing the working quality and rate. The Diamond blades are the best choice for automatic V-CUT machine.

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