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PCB Tungsten Carbide Blade


Solid PCB Tungsten Carbide Blade applies to V-CUT machine for cutting printed circuit board. The cost performance is widely accepted by printed circuit board manufacturer. The solid tungsten carbide V-CUT is became the common cutter of cutting V-Scoring on printed circuit board.   

The solid tungsten carbide V-CUT has advantage performance below. 

1. Our V-CUT is made by super-fine raw tungsten carbide powder; the fass grain size has 0.2um-0.4um, with high hardness.

2. Our V-CUT is via pressing, sintering and finished machining, with higher hardness and transverse rupture strength, the hardness is second to diamond. Our V-CUT has good design, chip removal, smoothly cutting surface, separating PCB easy, long life cutting. 

The size of our V-CUT: Φ39.5×Φ17×2.4, Φ51×Φ25×2.4, Φ56×Φ25×2.4, Φ51×Φ25×2.0, Φ50.8×Φ25×2.0, 50×Φ25×2.0, Φ51×Φ30×2.4, Φ61×Φ30×2.0, Φ66×Φ35×2.0, Φ100×Φ40×2.0,Φ120×Φ40×2.0, Φ120×Φ25.4×2.0(With 4 location hole) 

Our angle of V-CUT: 20°,25°,30°,35°,40°,45°,50°,55°,60° 

Our teeth of V-CUT: 20, 24, 32, 40, 48, 52, 100

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