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Tungsten Carbide Balls


Name of the product: tungsten alloy ball / tungsten carbide ball / TC balls
Material: YG6 , YG6X , YG8 , YG8X , YG10 ,YG13 , YG20 , YN6 , YN9 , YG12 , YT5 , YT15
Size:  Ф0.5-50.8mm
Hardness: HRA 85-92
The application of tungsten carbide balls are extremely broad, such as: precise bearings, instruments, meters, Pen, spraying machines, pumps, machinery parts, valve seals, brake pump, extruding hole, oil, hydrochloric acid lab, hardness measuring instrument, fishing gear, with heavy, ornamented, finished, and some other high-end industry!
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